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By Stephan A. Abraham Updated Jun 25, The most-reported financial instruments that investors are used to hearing about on the business news are stock options and futures. Many serious investors and traders wake up in the morning and sneak a peek at the stock futures to get a sense of where the market will open relative to the previous day's close. Others may look at the price of oil contracts or other commodities to see if money can be made by hedging their bets during the trading day.

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Options are used for many purposes, including the purchase of put options to protect portfolios from market downturns. But much of the action this summer has involved investor purchases of call options to effectively get leveraged bets on leading stocks. A bull market in tech stocks, near-zero trading costs, seamless online technology, and perhaps boredom for millions of Americans stuck at home, have all added fuel to the options-trading fire. Yet the surge in options trading is also adding volatility to the markets.

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Metrics details Abstract Under unstable economic conditions, interest in the financial derivatives market is easy to understand. On the Russian forward market, derivatives such as options and futures are gaining increasing popularity as a means of managing the risks of business units in order to protect against possible financial losses. The competition created among the organizers of forward trading has encouraged the emergence of a technically effective trading method and an expanded range of available financial instruments.

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However, contrary to popular belief, options trading or the use of options as a financial instrument isn't a new innovation at all. In fact, options trading has a much longer history than most people knew about, a history that goes way back to the times before Christ was born! Indeed, options trading has come a long long way to become the most versatile trading instrument in the world today. Yes, options trading did not just spring from the drawing boards of some financial scientist to become as comprehensive as it is today.

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