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What was said about geometry many centuries ago is equally applicable to stock trading. There is no short cut to success in stock trading.

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Explore Now Kolkata-based investor Soumya Malani is just But he is not whiling away this Coronavirus-induced lockdown, binge-watching TV series on Netflix. Instead, he has become busier than usual, doing his research on a host of stocks in pursuit for the next set of potential winners that the market is going to throw up when the tide turns. Spending quality time with family comes last in that order for him.

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Do your own research Jan 01, IST India Infoline News Service Read Full Story Human beings always have a natural tendency to follow the crowd, but when it comes to share market investing, following the crowd can more often result in ending up with losses. The investment secrets of Warren Buffet have got unveiled here. They simply follow the symbols or brands of successful corporate houses. If you are buying a shop, you will analyse about the products dealt by the shop, overall sales, consistency of sales, competition for the shop, competition strength of the shop, how the shop will manage the change in customer trends and so on.

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These are special price targets or ranges that have already proved to be a useful instrument in the past. As a rule, a trend reversal occurs close to these values. A great advantage of support and resistance levels is that they can be found right on the chart without any complex calculations. The example below clearly shows us three types of levels.

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A lot them faced problem on which time frames to use while day trading? I have found one common mistake across all of them. Most of them start out as swing traders and once they are successful, they move to day trading.

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However, trading in the share markets is not as tough as it sounds, but there are several significant aspects that you need to get acquainted with or consider before investing anywhere. You should be prepared to grab the opportunities that come with the changes in market trends. When you consider stock trading, you must be familiar with the workings of the share market, and be aware of vital concepts. The more you know about the share market, the better it is for you.