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Password authentication, either a user's Microsoft password or an app's client secret. This includes if authentication was done by a self-signed JWT with a service owned X certificate. When this is present the other authentication methods will also be included.

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Your app should validate this value, and reject the token if the value does not match. If the token was issued by the v2. The GUID that indicates that the user is a consumer user from a Microsoft account is d-6cc5b-bab66dad.

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Thank you kindly for reaching out to Ping Identity's community. However, I was able to compile a helpful list of the benefits and drawbacks token reference with each access tokens type. Self-contained tokens: Pros - Actual tokens contains information about a given subject making them a good choice for implementing stateless authentication mechanisms in other words no sessions are needed. It defines a compact and self-contained mechanism for transmitting data between parties in a way that can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed.

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The shared secret calculated above using ECDH. This value is a fixed-length string. Calculate the SHA hash of that plaintext string. Use the result for Party V Info.

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Posted on November 25, by Dominick Baier Access tokens can come in two shapes: self-contained and reference. Self-contained tokens are using a protected, time-limited data structure that contains metadata and claims to communicate the identity of the user or client over the wire. The recipient of a self-contained token can validate token reference token locally by checking the signature, expected issuer name and expected audience or scope.

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Understanding the different token formats OpenIddict can be configured to use three access token formats: opaque tokens default reference tokens JWTs Json Web Tokens Tokens differ in what they look like and how they are validated. The default tokens will work fine in most use cases.

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