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Uncategorized, The token system was the first behavior management plan I designed for primary grade students, and the popularity of this system continues token system astound me! I posted it on my website many years ago and had no idea just how well it would resonate with other educators. Why this token system works To hold my tokens, I used a random container inherited from a retiring teacher. I kept a list of student names and their corresponding numbers taped to the container.

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Clinical Corner Token Economy System is a method used for behavioral change that utilizes principles of positive reinforcement. This approach is one of the most commonly used behavior management interventions. So you might be asking yourself, what makes this system so significant?

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Within an educational setting, a token economy is a system for providing positive reinforcement to a child or children by giving them tokens for completing tasks or behaving in desired ways. How does a Token Economy work?

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Tokens[ edit ] Tokens must be used as reinforcers to be effective. A token is an object or symbol that can be exchanged for material reinforcers, services, or privileges back-up reinforcers. In applied settings, a wide range of tokens have been used: coins, checkmarks, images of small suns or stars, points on a counter, and checkmarks on a poster.

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Troubleshooting A token economy system is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get kids to follow the rules. Similar to a traditional reward system, kids earn tokens token system the day. Then, tokens can be exchanged for bigger rewards. Although sticker charts work well with preschool-age children, a token economy system will work best with older children.

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The system may also provide more opportunities for immediate rewards in the beginning and a system for thinning out or lengthening our schedule of reinforcement as children become more familiar with it. Money is a great example of a token in that by itself it is just a piece of paper BUT by exchanging it one can freely gain access to primary and secondary reinforcers water, food, snacks, entertainment, etc. Most adults go to work, earn a paycheck, token system use it to pay for preferred or desired items and activities.

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