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Here are 7 types of videos to get you started: During this unprecedented time of remote video courses optionscreating effective, engaging online courses can be challenging. Educators are quickly moving to adapt courses to online platforms, but because the shift has been so sudden, many struggle to engage students and provide interactive resources in a remote learning environment. One of the best ways to provide engaging, remote learning experiences is to use video. Then, scheduled, online face-to-face time can be used for discussion, questions, and other interactions that are more conducive to synchronous delivery.

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View transcript 5. Whether you use your phone, a tablet, or a video camera, you can point, shoot, and then make your video available through a whole range of platforms. So why are you creating your video? What is the purpose?

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Ask yourself some questions like the following ones to find a suitable topic: Are you an expert in any specific area? Think about the type of advice friends or family tend to ask you for. Do they want your help to master some software? Fix an appliance?