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Electric Turbo 1. Single-Turbo Single turbochargers alone have limitless variability. Differing the compressor wheel size and turbine will lead to completely different torque characteristics. Large turbos will bring on high top-end power, but smaller turbos will provide better low-end grunt as they spool faster.

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Using the Video Section The Turbo theme includes a 'Video' homepage section which allows you to get creative by telling your story or showing your products being used in real life. Although there is limited browser support for autoplaying videosthe 'Video' section includes an option to enable autoplay if possible. The section settings determine the look and layout of this section! Wide Display You can choose to enable 'wide display' so this section will spread out the full width of the screen.

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We haven't been able to perform our mph highway fuel-economy testbut we'll update this story with test results when we do. Interior, Comfort, and Cargo As with all models, the Turbo and Turbo S will technically be four-seaters, although the rear seats won't be usable by adults. The cabin will likely mirror that of the entry-level Carrera models but with racier trim, more expensive options, and plenty of standard technology features such as reconfigurable digital gauge displays.

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For the 2. First we will try a GTR. This turbo has an 88mm tip diameter 52 trim compressor wheel with a As you can see, this point falls nicely on the map with some additional room for increased boost and mass flow if the horsepower target climbs.

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