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Cute everyday bags you can use throughout your week for children and adults. No sew t-shirt bag that you can easily make and wear to the beach or grocery store.

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WhatsApp 64K Shares Looking for a way to make some extra cash this year? Some of my friends have been making money selling their top items for Etsy shops for several years, and I used to think this way somehow impossible for me, even though crafting is absolutely my favorite past time. I am just not quite as artistic as my BFF, and not nearly as tech-savvy as some of the other.

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For scarves, you can crochet them or sew them. Check out some online tutorials below to help you get started.

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So very pretty! Why not also try: Butterfly Quilled Earrings Upcycled Gifts to make and sell, that are cheap to make Eco gifts and upcycled decor are all the rage this year! Nothing quite like getting festive but also looking after the environment.

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Beaded Bracelets Beaded bracelets are easy to make. Sets of beads of a diverse range of shapes, colors and sizes are inexpensive to buy and are lapped up by consumers of all ages, looking to purchase funky and inexpensive jewelry. Mosaic picture frames Mosaic picture frames are regular features on the likes of eBay, other ecommerce sites and in arts and crafts stores, and are easy crafts to make for a profit.


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Email Looking for easy ways to make money from home? How about making a few of these best selling crafts?

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