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As such, there tends to be a stigma against employees. Some may call us losers, while others call us lazy sloths that are a drag on innovation and entrepreneurship. Some may even look down on us with condescension.

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What do we stand for? We only pursue products that improve the financial lives of our clients. Act with integrity Every time We take the right action even when it is hard and even when no one is watching. We treat our employees, clients, and communities the way they wish to be treated.

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Salary based — Team approach. No conflicts of interest for the best client experience Financial Freedom House is a CEFEX-certified investment adviser and fiduciary that was founded in

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You have to listen to people call in all the time with complaints about the program or the fact that we are not settling their debts fast enough or working on specific debts when THEY want them done. Some clients are really sweet and pleasant to work with.

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