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Updated Nov 16, What Is a Trendline? Trendlines are easily recognizable lines that traders draw on charts to connect a series of prices together or show some data's best fit.

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Excel trendline equation is wrong - reasons and fixes Excel trendline types When adding a trendline in Excel, you have 6 different options to choose from. Additionally, Microsoft Excel allows displaying a trendline equation and R-squared value in a chart: Trendline equation is a formula that finds a line that best fits the data points.

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Two-way tables Video transcript Shira's math test included a survey question asking how many hours students had spent studying for the test. The graph below shows the relationship between how many hours students spent studying and their score on the test. Shira drew the line below to show the trend in the data. Assuming the line is correct, what does the line slope of 15 mean?

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