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The truth is that making money online isn't as difficult as most make it out to seem. It does require some discipline.

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From online poker to selling your collection of Beanie Babies, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick, money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really.

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Comment Synopsis With the Internet taking over and influencing a large part of our lives, especially now with the work from home and social distancing situations in place to tackle coronavirus, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows. Coronavirus lockdown: 10 ways to make money online Earning money has typically been associated with and restricted to traditional 'offline' route. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows, with secondary income streams. You should be mindful of the platform that you choose.

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