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Thank you for your time Cheers Looking forward to our next conversation Looking forward to hearing from you Have a wonderful [day, weekend] Happy weekend Let me know if you need anything "Kind Regards" "Kind regards" is a more formal variation of "Best regards. It still communicates respect but intuits less of an established relationship.

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Otherwise, you can use any of the above in most professional situations. For emails, you should put one empty line underneath the message, then on the next line, include your typed name. On the lines below your typed signature, include your contact information, such as your phone number or email address.

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In Regard To vs. English has many phrases that function the same as individual parts of speech. And even among such phrases, there are many variations, some of which are as simple as pluralizing: in regard to or in regards to. Should you ever use these phrases in your own writing?

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For Florian Schneider, who works as a German lawyer in Moscow, this certainly turned out to be the case. In this interview, he talks about the challenges he faces and why he regularly reviews his life and goals.

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