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The premium to be made in volatile stocks that are hated by the market can be huge too, dwarfing the income received by your average dividend. But, the options market is rife with risks. What I will try here is this. To present to you an overview of the options market, in the simplest way that I can.

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Glossary If you are new to options, this page can be used as a beginner tutorial, guiding you through the basic terms and concepts. These are not only essential for successful options trading, but also needed for understanding more advanced topics such as option pricingvolatilityGreeksor option strategies. Strike vs. Market Price vs.

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What Is Option Trading? Rewards can be high — but so can the risk— and your choices are plenty.

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Key Takeaways Buying calls and then selling or exercising them for a profit can be an excellent way to increase your portfolio's performance. Investors often buy calls when they are bullish on a stock or other security because it affords them leverage. Call options help reduce the maximum loss an investment may incur, unlike stocks, where the entire value of the investment may be lost if the stock price drops to zero.