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If a trader can correctly predict where price will go, then it is very likely he will make a trade that will be in the money. One of the ways this can be achieved is by being able to predict price breakouts. This leads us to ask the question: what really is price action, and what determines the behaviour of price action at any given point in time? The concept of price action is simply a depiction of the activity of traders in a particular market.

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Spread 0. The Hammer will usually appear after the price has been declining and in proximity to a level of support.

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No Comments Those of you that trade binary options know that reading technical charts is not a very easy thing to do, especially if you are new to binary option trading. Price action is one of the hardest indicators to predict accurately. Pivot Points are indicators in trading that are a good way of measuring market trends over a set time frame. They are usually calculated by taking daily lows, daily highs, and the daily close of an asset based on a previous trading session.

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It is useful to see the formulas used to calculate pivot points, so you can better understand how they are derived from past trading activity. That said, there are plenty of online pivot point calculators you can use to crunch the numbers for you. Pivot Points Trading With Binary Options How can you incorporate pivot points into your binary options trading strategy to improve your results?

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Search Pivot Points Binary Strategy Binary Options trading as well as Forex trading requires determination of entry levels using various reference points. Unprecedented risks can definitely be problematic for you but if you calculate your risks, your binary options strategy will certainly become more useful. As a matter of fact, good old technical tools are proven to work better in best binary options strategies in combination with Pivot Points rather than alone. Binary traders can use Pivot points very effectively and profitably.

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Trade Example Click the image for full size Strategy The indicator plots pivot points which will serve as areas of support and resistance for price action. A Touch strategy requires determination of direction as well as range, and two pivot points straddling price action will provide this. The key to the trade is to allow the price action to bounce on the lower pivot or be rejected at the upper pivot, so as to be sure that the price will stay in between both pivots.


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