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November 27, Bitcoin is a decentralized financial technology that could replace fiat currencies across the globe. Intro Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to ever be created, sparking the birth of an entire industry and thousands upon thousands of altcoins to be created in its image. Not only is Bitcoin the first of its kind, but it has been designed to disrupt and replace paper-based fiat currencies to become the global digital currency used by the entire population, regardless of what country or region they live in.

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Bitcoin Newsletter Bitcoin Price Predictions Update Sign up to receive Bitcoin Daily — We find the top 3 crypto stories and deliver them to your inbox each morning. Bitcoin was created in early One of the stories that illustrate this growth best is that of two pizzas, which were bought for 10, Bitcoins, on May 22,by a Florida developer by the name of Laszlo Hanyecz.

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S3studio Getty Images This year has been a wild ride for anyone invested in, or even just watching, the bitcoin market. When the U. For those like me on the sidelines, it's an entertaining market show, with tinges of jealousy and dizziness. From my perch as editor of FINa fintech newsletter, here are what I see as the crucial bitcoin trends in 1.