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Example What Is a Butterfly Spread? A butterfly spread is an options strategy combining bull and bear spreadswith a fixed risk and capped profit. These spreads, involving either four calls or four puts are intended as a market-neutral strategy and pay off the most if the underlying does not move prior to option expiration. Key Takeaways There are multiple butterfly spreads, all using four options.

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Ideally, you want the calls with strikes B and C to expire worthless while capturing the intrinsic value of the in-the-money call with strike A. So the risk vs. However, the odds of hitting the sweet spot are fairly low.

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If the stock price is at or near the center strike price when the position is established, then the forecast must butterfly option chart for unchanged, or neutral, price action. If the stock price is below the center strike price when the position is established, then the forecast must be for the stock price to rise to the center strike price at expiration modestly bullish. While one can imagine a scenario in which the stock price is above the center strike price and a long butterfly spread with calls would profit from bearish stock price action, it is most likely that another strategy would be a more profitable choice for a bearish forecast.

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