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This leverage allows you to reap outsized rewards if you're correct; if you're wrong, the most you'll lose is the premium paid. The put strategy also allows you to make bearish bets against indexes and sectors by buying puts on exchange-traded funds that track them.

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A put option allows investors to bet against the future of a company or index. More specifically, it gives the owner of an option contract the ability to sell at a specified price any time before a certain date. Put options are a great way to hedge against market declines, but they, like all investments, come with a bit of risk. For starters, you can lose not only what you invested, but also any chance for profits.

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Short Selling vs. These strategies also help to hedge downside risk in a portfolio or specific stock. These two investing methods have features in common but also have differences that investors should understand. Key Takeaways Both short selling and buying put options are bearish strategies that become more profitable as the market drops.

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Chuck Kowalski Updated March 11, A person would buy a put option if he or she expected the price of the underlying futures contract to move lower. A put option gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to sell the underlying futures contract at an agreed-upon price—called the strike price —any time before the contract expires.

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Close vs. Exercise Investors may buy put options when they are concerned that the stock market will fall. That's because a put—which grants the right to sell an underlying asset at a fixed price through a predetermined time frame—will typically increase in value when the price of its underlying asset goes down.