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A contingent payment sale is a type of sale where the specifics of the sale—such as the full sales price or the number of fixed payments to complete the sale—depend upon future events. Because these transactions are contingent on payments that occur in the future, the total selling price may not be able to be determined at the end of the taxable year of the sale.

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SUMMARY A transaction includes contingent consideration when the quantity of the consideration transferred depends on an uncertain condition, situation, or set of circumstances that future events will ultimately resolve. Three general approaches are used to determine the tax on property transactions involving contingent consideration: open transaction, closed transaction, and installment sales.

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By Sean Ross Updated Oct 13, A contingent claim is another term for a derivative with a payout that is dependent on the realization of some uncertain future event. Common types of contingent claim derivatives include options and modified versions of swapsforward contracts and futures contracts. Any derivative instrument that isn't a contingent claim is called a forward commitment. Vanilla swaps, forward and futures are all considered forward commitments.

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