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It depends precisely on what you did with that money. What happened to the money in your dreams?

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By Gabrielle Moss Feb. In fact, according to this chart listing the top 50 dream topics in the United Statesmoney is on very few of our mental radars once we turn off the lights. But since our dreams are often where our subconscious minds sort through our worries, concerns, and experiences, the times when we do dream about money can carry significant meaning about our lives — and not just the financial parts.

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The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through a Dream Nights There lived once in Baghdad a very wealthy man, who lost all his substance and became so poor, that he could only earn his living by excessive labor. One night, he lay down to sleep, dejected and sick at heart, and saw in a dream one who said to him, "Thy fortune is at Cairo; go thither and seek it. Presently, as fate would have it, a company of thieves entered the mosque and made their way thence into an adjoining house; but the people of the house, being aroused by the noise, awoke and cried out; whereupon the chief of the police came to their aid with his officers. The robbers made off; but the police entered the mosque and finding the man from Baghdad asleep there, laid hold of him and beat him with palm-rods, till he was well-nigh dead.

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How much money you have in a dream indicates how confident you are about achieving your dreams. The richer you are, the more opportunities that may cross your path.