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Figures Abstract Studies of the gender pay gap are seldom able to simultaneously account for the range of alternative putative mechanisms underlying it. Using CloudResearch, an online microtask platform connecting employers to workers who perform research-related tasks, we examine whether gender pay discrepancies are still evident in a labor market characterized by anonymity, relatively homogeneous work, and flexibility. For 22, Mechanical Turk workers who participated in nearly 5 million tasks, we analyze hourly earnings by gender, controlling for key covariates which have been shown previously to lead to differential pay for men and women.

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Increasingly, U. Jobs attaching greater importance to analytical skills, such as science and mathematics, are also adding workers at a brisk pace. Women have been in the forefront of meeting these challenges, and this has been to their benefit. The American workplace has seen a rising need for high-skill workers in recent decades.

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This report examines the impact of the changing landscape for job skills on gender disparities in the U. The analysis is based on job skills and preparation data from the U.

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This dichotomy can be explained by the difference between unequal pay and the gender pay gap. Unequal pay versus gender pay gap Unequal pay refers to situations where women are paid less than men for doing the same work.

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