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Do you like YouTube? I love it. I love how it remembers what you like and gives you more of that, as well as how easy it is to find entertaining stuff to watch. YouTube pays commissions to publishers.

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Jump to comments section Print this page How can a four-year-old be raking in more than the UK prime minister earns? Gaby playing with Barbie dolls.

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Are you ready? Steer Clear of Debt From cars to clothes to houses to jewelry, you can get a loan for pretty much anything nowadays. Get it now, pay for it later. And pay more later.

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For example, they're probably tax evaders who just inherited their money from a rich aunt and they hang around the golf course all day with their snobby, elitist friends. Well, not so fast. What's the average millionaire really like? Here are seven millionaire myths, and the real facts about the ones who seem to have it all.

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Conclusion Not only that, it gets well over million visitors per day and people watch almost 5 billion YouTube videos every single day. This is a staggering statistic that represents a huge industry and also a vast potential to make money and become the next YouTube millionaire.

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