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People often say money is infinite but time is not. They are wrong. That perspective encourages living in the moment and not worrying about petty things like 7-year car loans.

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As a kid, those comparisons might revolve around athletic ability or the size of a Lego collection. As an adult, though, the comparisons become more economic in nature. You might wonder, for example, how much the average American — your co-workers or friends, for example — have in their bank accounts. These types of questions can lead into further inquiries.

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Although everyone can benefit from estimating their lifetime earnings, there are two groups of people who can benefit the most: individuals who are earning a good living but are spending all of their money and individuals who are not earning their current value. By estimating your lifetime earnings, you can determine if you are in one of these two groups. Get Your Social Security Statements Inthe Social Security Administration started mailing earnings and benefits statements to all workers over 25 who had been employed and had paid Social Security taxes. The earnings and benefits statements provide your yearly income for every year that you've been employed and the Social Security benefits you've earned based on your earnings.

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How much money would you have if you saved every penny that you earned over your lifetime? How much would you have? Start lowering your debt today. Call

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