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But did you know that those adorable pictures, or that hilarious video of your favourite Instagram cat knocking things off tables, are earning their owners huge amounts of money? Read on to find out the staggering sums the world's most famous social media animals are generating.

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Created with Sketch. I am what you might call a casual cat video viewer. There are people out there -- I know a lot of them, and I'd wager you do, too -- who spend hours plowing through YouTube and Buzzfeed, clicking from one cat video to the next and urging anyone within earshot to watch along with them.

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October 31, at a. One surprisingly lucrative gig: posting pet photos on Instagram.

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What is Cat Boarding? The place where the animal is kept is known as a cattery, a boarding cattery or a cat boarding kennel. A boarding cattery is designed and operated specifically to care for cats. This is different from a veterinary hospital where sick or injured cats are treated.

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This advertising was posted only by cat owners, the number of followers of which was more thanIt was also a great opportunity for me to check how to make money online with a cat. I regularly try to keep track of what is written about Simba on the Internet.

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Because it is! In this article, we will go through five proven methods that you can follow to bring in a few extra dollars with your kitty. Disclaimer: Before we jump into the article, we want to state that none of these methods annoy, hurt or abuse cats in any way. The platform is great for sharing your content, interact with people from all over the world and build up a fan community.

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Print There are all kinds of jobs today that wouldn't be possible without social media. One surprisingly lucrative gig: posting pet photos on Instagram.

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Help pet companies with market research Just like every other industry, pet-focused companies need to know as much as possible about their target market to deliver good products. An easy way of doing this is filling in paid online surveys focused specifically on pet products.

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