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But getting a great deal online involves more than just getting the lowest price. You'll want to be sure that products arrive on time, that quality is what you expected, that items include a proper warranty, and that there is a way for you to return products or get support with any questions or issues you have.

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The Bottom Line It is much easier and more enjoyable to take the income, the money we have earned and worked hard to receive, and spend all of it every month—purchasing whatever we want and not thinking about the future. The problem, when it comes to money, is that we just aren't planning and putting away enough.

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Monetizing a website was just as difficult. Today however you can start, maintain, and monetize a blog on WordPress with just a few hundred dollars this can vary based on what you need to do. This is terrible, especially when you consider that most bloggers start a blog so they can be their own boss and quit their dull 8-to-5 job.

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