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You can publish a view that contains trend lines, and you add trend lines to a view as you edit it on the web. When you add trend lines to a view, you can specify how you want them to look and behave. For a 5-minute walkthrough, see the Trend Lines Link opens in a new window free training video.

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Can I add a trend-line to a histogram? By Amber March 4, 0 Comment Whoopee!! In ExcelMicrosoft added the ability to create histograms and box plots as easily as other types of charts although unfortunately horizontal box plots are not an option.

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The resulting graph must look something like this: Step 2: Mark the Midpoints of Each Bar in the Histogram on Your Chart Before you proceed to sketch or insert a curved line graph on this chart, you must mark the midpoints of each bar in the frequency distribution like this: These mid points can be drawn manually if you are displaying your information on a hard copy chart. If you are working with Excel or Word, you may skip this step.

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Power Moving Average Here is a good article that explains what these trend lines are and when to use these. To select any of these other variations.

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Looking for Office steps? Select Trendline.