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This is possible by storing it is a variable inside a closure if it helps, think of it as roughly akin to a private variable inside a class. Architecturally speaking, the only thing we ever need our session token for is sending an HTTP request, so we can design our closure to expose a fetch function that automatically appends the token value. The only other thing we need exposed is a way to set the token.

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OAuth adds additional attack vectors without providing any additional value and should be avoided in favor of a traditional cookie-based approach. When the SPA calls multiple APIs that reside in a different domain, access, and optionally, refresh tokens are needed. A protocol needs to be established between the backend and the SPA to allow the secure transfer of the token from the backend to the SPA.

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If you compare these approaches, both receive a JWT down to the browser. Both are simple to pass back up to your protected APIs. The difference is in the medium. This means that any JavaScript running on your site will have access to web storage, and because of this can be vulnerable to cross-site scripting XSS attacks.

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