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Risk Disclaimer You acknowledge that trading derivative financial instruments, including foreign exchange, futures, options, contracts for differences and commodities carry a substantial potential risk of loss and you understand the risks involved and that you are willing to undertake this risk. You further confirm your understanding that the value of these financial instruments is influenced by the price changes of their underlying reference instruments, that these prices may fluctuate both rapidly and widely, that such factors can be neither predicted nor controlled by any party, and that leverage or "gearing" will disproportionately impact the results of any such transactions. Losses can therefore quickly compound.

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Submit the signup form to open your first account. Fill in all the required information and click "Open account", or simply sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Check your email for a message titled "Confirm your email address" and click the button "Confirm email" and you will be redirected to our site. You can see Trading platform comparison here Select Make a deposit into account.

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