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E-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. However, life-threatening complications occur in a significant proportion of procedures, making TI perhaps one the most common but underappreciated airway emergencies in the ICU. In contrast to the controlled conditions in the operating room ORthe unstable physiologic state of critically ill patients along with underevaluation of the airways and suboptimal response to pre-oxygenation are the major factors for the high incidence of life-threatening complications like severe hypoxaemia and cardiovascular collapse in the ICU.

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Metrics details Abstract Obesity is an important risk factor for major complications, morbidity and mortality related to intubation procedures and ventilation in the intensive care unit ICU. The fall in functional residual capacity promotes airway closure and atelectasis formation. This narrative review presents the impact of obesity on the respiratory system and the key points to optimize airway management, noninvasive and invasive mechanical ventilation in ICU patients with obesity.

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COVID With the coronavirus pandemic creating shortages of critical care staff and ventilators, anesthesiology resources can fill the gaps. Operating room anesthesiologists and their equipment are well-suited to help treat coronavirus disease COVID patients, an anesthesiology expert says. In COVID hotspots such as New York City, there are shortages of critical care personnel and ventilators to treat severely ill coronavirus patients, and these shortages are expected to spread nationwide. To help address these shortages, OR anesthesiologists and their anesthesia gas machines, which include a ventilator function, are being shifted to ICU settings.

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Abstract Background The ongoing coronavirus disease COVID pandemic has swept all over the world, posing a great pressure on critical care resources due to large number of patients needing critical care. Statements from front-line experts in the field of intensive care are urgently needed.

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Offer high energy, high protein menu, snacks and drinks e. Check biochemistry and follow local policy Nutrition support may need to be escalated to enteral tube feeding if dependence on oxygen therapy reduces capacity for oral intake, these patients should be referred to Dietetics Enteral tube feeding should be implemented when nutritional needs cannot be met by the oral route e. Many patients with COVID have pre-existing co-morbidities including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.