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If the stock price is at or near the center strike price when the position is established, then the forecast must be for unchanged, or neutral, price action. If the stock price is below the center strike price when the position is established, then the forecast must be for the stock price to rise to the center strike price at expiration modestly bullish.

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Iron Butterfly The Strategy You can think of this strategy as simultaneously running a short put spread and a short call spread with the spreads converging at strike B. Ideally, you want all of the options in this spread to expire worthless, with the stock at strike B.

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Updated Mar 31, What is an Iron Butterfly? An iron butterfly is an options trade that uses four different contracts as part of a strategy to benefit from stocks or futures prices that move within a defined range. The trade is also constructed to benefit from a decline in implied volatility. The key to using this trade as part of a successful trading strategy is forecast a time when option prices are likely to decline in value generally.

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Strategy discussion A long iron butterfly spread is the strategy of choice when the forecast is for a stock price move outside the range of the highest and lowest strike prices. Unlike a long straddle, however, the profit potential of a long iron butterfly spread is limited.

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