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Resize icon Dear Catey, My husband is 65 and a lawyer and partner in his firm with a thriving practice; I am 59 years old. We have three children more on that belowand I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom.

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What do you do? I sell online ad space for my company, which includes video, custom content, app sponsorships, and data products. I present the ideas and get them sold in. My performance is tied to dollars and quarterly goals.

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Raising money can be challenging and often downright dejecting, but it can make 500 be inspiring and lead to significant progress within your company. Raising money is often a simple task, but no one said that simple was going to be easy. Furthermore, it allows you to tell a story that every investor will want to respect and listen to.

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Check out Cash in My Bag Now you can sell your unused gift cards for cash. CardPool and Raise are two sites that you can sell your unused cards. Dig through that kitchen drawer and see if you can find any old cards to sell!

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