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The following graph shows you the relationship in more detail. Profitability Check Did you know that you that your stop loss distance and your take profit distance, together with your past winrate can tell you if you should take a trade or if the specific trade would be unprofitable over the long term?

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Calculus Descriptive Statistics Let us walk through descriptive statistics, which summarize a given data set with brief descriptive coefficients. These can be a representation of either the whole or a sample from the population.

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The Persistence of Risk-Adjusted Mutual Fund Performance With the prominence that mathematical prodigies have in movies and TV shows, applying math to everything from finding a killer to winning in Vegas, you could be forgiven for thinking that math will help you conquer the stock market. Were that true, someone likely would have done it by now.

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M Y - LR mean value. This is below one, but far from zero. Thus, we can say that the balance graph correlates with the trend line valued as 0.