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For those apps, one big challenge is to make sure that those efforts to generate revenue won't undermine their appeal as communication and social networking tools. For example, Linewhich is popular in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, now has three major sources of revenue: free-to-play video games that make money from in-game purchases of virtual items and other services; "stickers" featuring cartoon characters that users buy and send as messages; and official accounts for businesses and celebrities who pay fees to send a set number of promotional messages. Last month, Line said its revenue for the fourth quarter of rose more than fivefold to Line says the promotional messages sent by official accounts are different from traditional ads in that users only receive them if they choose to become subscribers of those accounts.

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Pinterest Looking for legit ways to get paid to text? When it comes down to it, there are three ways to do it.

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Mail Today, more and more entrepreneurs use SMS-marketing to develop their own business, the demand for SMS advertising is constantly growing, you can use and start earning on it. If you are interested in this, and you want to earn money using SMS marketing toolswe allow participating in our partner program for SMS messaging and using the full arsenal of other SMS solutions.

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All you need to do is to download the app and register your phone number. Once you do you will start receiving occasional messages from us. For every message you will automatically get paid on your McMoney account.

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Can you imagine how much you would have made if you had gotten paid to text? Digital communication is what makes the world go round faster than ever before.

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Conclusion List of Top Ways to Make Money Texting There are many apps where you get paid for text messages, but then there are many that are simply bogus. The following have been tried and tested, and many of them are quite popular to make money online. Blogging You can also incorporate text messaging in blogs through LeadPages plugin.

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