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If the Option is exercised during the Holding Period, references to the transfer or allotment of Shares to the Award Holder shall be construed as references to nominal option transfer or allotment of Shares to the Nominee to be held on behalf of the Nominal option Holder. The exercise of a Nominal Cost Option or Linked Option under this Part C shall be effected in the form and manner prescribed by the Remuneration Committee and, unless the Remuneration Committee determines otherwise, any Notice of Exercise shall take effect only when received nominal option the Company together with the relevant exercise monies or an agreement to provide such monies pursuant to arrangements acceptable to the Company. Unless the Board decides otherwise, an Award will not be made to an Eligible Employee who on or before the Award Date has given or received notice of termination of employment whether or not lawful. For so long as the Shares in the Company are admitted to dealing on the Official List of the London Stock Exchange or any other stock exchange, the Company shall apply for Shares in respect of Share Award which has been exercised in the case of a Nominal Cost Option or a Linked OptionReleased in the case of Restricted Shares or Vested in the case of other Share Awards to be admitted to dealing, if they were not so admitted already.

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It also maps all values of these attributes to corresponding string values. Description The Nominal to Text operator converts all nominal attributes to string attributes.

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This repayment or distribution of the nominal value will be completed on 18 November ex-date 14 November Each shareholder will be granted 1 put option free of charge for each registered share held. Every 10 put options will entitle shareholders to tender one registered share at the exercise price of CHF This represents a premium of

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Updated Mar 19, What is a Nominal Value? Nominal value of a security, often referred nominal option as face or par valueis its redemption price and is normally stated on the front of that security. With respect to bonds and stocks, it is the stated value of an issued security, as opposed to its market value.

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Contrast a bond with an interest rate swap : In a bond, [2] the buyer pays the principal amount at issue startthen receives coupons computed off this principal over the life of the bond, then receives the principal back at maturity end. In a swap, no principal changes hands at inception start or expiry endand in the meantime, interest payments are nominal option based on a notional amount, which acts as if it were the principal amount of a bond, hence the term notional principal amount, abbreviated to notional. In simple terms the notional principal amount is essentially how much of the asset or bonds a person has. Hence the notional principal amount is the quantity of the assets and bonds.

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Совет правил Диаспаром, но сам Совет мог быть превзойден высшей силой - почти безграничным интеллектом Центрального Компьютера. Невольно хотелось думать о Центральном Компьютере как о чем-то живом, находящемся в одном месте, хотя в действительности он был суммой всех машин Диаспара. Nominal option не будучи живым в биологическом смысле, он несомненно обладал осведомленностью и самосознанием не меньшими, чем человек. Он должен был знать, чем занимается Элвин и, следовательно, одобрял это, иначе остановил бы его или отослал к Совету, подобно тому как информационная машина поступила с Алистрой.