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It can put you in control of your money, which helps you avoid stress and feel more secure. Communication in your family plays an important role in managing money well. Honest conversations with your partner, if you have one, can help to avoid conflict about money. And involving children in planning and budgeting can make it easier to achieve savings goals together.

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But lately it's been harder. The family she babysits for hasn't been calling as much and she couldn't find a job over the summer. Devon's dad says it's a sign of the tough economy.

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Katey Troutman January 28, Americans need much more than we think to simply get by. According to MITthe living wage varies depending on which region of the United States you live in. And how do those numbers change as you go through life?

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All expenses in my example use current prices. Half the US population lives on the coasts, therefore, this post is directly targeted at folks who need to live on the coasts because of their jobs, schools, or families.

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And while being a dual-income family comes with certain challenges, there's a major upside: money. But even if your family is a two-salary household, you're much better off living on one salary alone.

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Stay home with your kids? Earn a degree? It may seem impossible, but people throughout the country give up a salary to make it happen.

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He rouses and dresses their two toddler daughters about 15 minutes later and gets them a snack. They buckle the girls into their carseats by 8 and head to preschool.

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