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Article Reviewed on July 30, Michael J Boyle Updated July 30, As you learn about trading optionsyou'll find that options traders use terms that are unique to options markets. You'll see these terms appear often and understanding them can have a significant effect on your chances for profitability on an options trade.

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The Bottom Line The strike price of an option is the price at which a put or call option can be exercised. It is also known as the exercise price.

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Interest rate Dividends and risk-free interest rate have a lesser effect. Changes in the underlying security price can increase or decrease the value of an option. These price changes have opposite effects on calls and puts.

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Moneyness[ edit ] Moneyness is the value of a financial contract if the contract settlement is financial. More specifically, it is the difference between the strike price of the option and the current trading price of its underlying security.

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Open an account and place your trade Identify the market you want to trade There are a range of markets available to you when trading options, including forex, commodities and indices. Most of them are weekly or monthly.

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A strike price is the set price at which a derivative contract can be bought or sold when it is exercised. For call optionsthe strike price is where the security can be bought by the option holder; for put optionsthe strike price is the price at which the security can be sold. Strike price is also known as the exercise price. Key Takeaways Strike price is the price at which a derivative contract can be bought or sold exercised.

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