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Markets Trading tools Active investors can use a variety of strategies depending on their outlook, objectives, risk tolerance, and other specifics. Range trading is one of those strategies. It involves tactically buying and selling a stock over a short period of time. Before you attempt to range trade, you should fully understand its risks and limitations.

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This is called an up-down or call-put option. Most novice traders get started with this type of instrument, and move into more complicated bets down the road. One example is a range binary option.

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Last update: 28 January 7 min read Range Binary Options Binary options are a form of instrument which give the buyer a set cost and payout on a set prediction on whether the price of an underlying asset will move up, down, or sideways, in our outside one or more specified levels. Trading binary options can be profitable when utilised in certain market conditions, though do not always offer better value over trading straight forward spot markets.

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Updated Sep 12, What is a Trading Range? A trading range occurs when a security trades between consistent high and low prices for a period of time.

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Range trading explained Range trading explained We look at range trading, and how it can be used to provide opportunities for the times when a market is not displaying a clear trend in any one direction. Writer, What is range trading? This fact presents a problem for traders looking to capture big moves.

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Range trading strategies can be used in every market under almost every type of market condition. As the name suggests, range trading is a strategy or a technique used to trade a range-bound market.

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However, for some, sideways price action can be just as lucrative. When a security stops following a trend and instead oscillates between two prices, it becomes range-bound.