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Plot three sine curves with a small phase shift between each line. Use the default line style for the first line.

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Using common plot options You can use the common plot options to customize the appearance of undeformed and deformed plots. The common options are also used in conjunction with the other plot state—independent options in the View menu and the dependent and independent customization options for contour, symbol, and material orientation plots. Select OptionsCommon from the main menu bar or use the tool in the toolbox to access the Common Plot Options dialog box. Click the following tabs to customize the appearance of plots in the current viewport: Basic: Choose render style, edge visibility, plot an option deformation scale factor deformed plot only.

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PerplexPDF : x0 and y0 have no significance, x1 and y1 indicate the output page size in points. Phase field labeling for mixed-variable, Schreinemakers and composition diagrams computed by unconstrained optimization and plotted with PSVDRAW are controlled by modifying the default plot options interactively. This name must be recognized by the plotting device. Some devices e.

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