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For instance: the brothers who sold chicken in a parking lot. Or the man who spent decades gaming the lottery.

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Have you ever heard the one about the billionaire who lives in a modest home? Yes, I said, Warren Buffet. Not even close. I get that.

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There are a few convincing cases you can make: Not enough education, too much information, confusing messages from the media or simply a lack of interest. Whatever the reason, it's clear that young people aren't doing the single most effective thing that will make them rich: Investing in the stock market.

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Reviewed By Michael J Boyle Updated Sep 9, Although the recommendation to buy when there's blood in the streets has been attributed to more than one rich businessman, it is a solid approach to creating substantial wealth. Another oft-quoted citation whose true origins are debated is that the market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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