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The maximum loss for this strategy is realised when, at expiration, the underlying has moved moderately bearishly to the price of the lower strike price. This strategy might be used when the trader believes that there will be a very sharp, downward move and would like to enter the position without paying a lot of premium, as the written puts will offset the cost of the purchased puts. In this case, this strategy can be considered a neutral or bullish play, since the net credit may be kept if the underlying remains at or greater than the upper strike price when the options expire.

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Application of the Reverse Order Not only does the reverse order in futures trading help reduce or avoid slippage due to timing difference, it also reverses the position instantaneously which helps in trading extremely short and fast intraday price swings. Many futures day traders trade an intraday price channel and setup automatic reverse orders at the expected tops and bottoms of the channel in order to take advantage of the short price swings within the channel.

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Words to live by when trading options. Options can be confusing, even under the best circumstances and especially when an option contract is "adjusted.