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One podcast might talk about how day trading is a great way to make millions, whereas another YouTuber will bemoan the entire enterprise as fraudulent. So for you, as a budding trader, how is it possible to figure out what is true and what is false? Day trading is a scam. Truthfully, there are indeed schemes wherein self-serving stock promoters will drive up the stock price only to sell and leave many buyers in the lurch.

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Share Tweet Google Linkedin Reddit Day Trading is one of those professions where either people love it or they hate it. The reason many people gravitate towards the hate it end of the spectrum is due to the lack of understanding of how to successfully speculate in the markets. When it comes down to it, trading is just like any other brick and mortar business.

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The Bottom Line Booking reliable profits in financial markets is harder than it looks at first glance. But the brokerage industry rarely publishes client failure rates because they're likely concerned the truth will scare off new accounts. Indeed, success in trading is difficult and the consistently profitable traders share specific rare characteristics. The first is to identify a set of strategies that make more money than they lose and then to use the strategies as part of a trading plan.

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The reason being, it calls out a few objective truths that will make you uncomfortable. It calls into question your beliefs, ability and self-image in an attempt to open you up to the reality of trading. If not, then you are probably a fantastic trader who cuts losses, does not jump in and out of trades and is on track to build a decent account or hedge fund.

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There are better ways to make money. With the exception of people like Warren Buffett, humans are poor investors and even worse traders. Sure, the occasional human might get lucky, but in general, the odds are heavily stacked against you. Unless you have some special information or expertise, you are best off investing in a market index as early in life as possible and enjoying the benefits of compounding.

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