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Photo by M. This is a programming tutorial aimed at teaching you how to build a trading bot for learning purposes.

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One of the most frequent questions I receive in the QS mailbag is "What is the best programming language for algorithmic trading? The short answer is that there is no "best" language. Strategy parameters, performance, modularity, development, resiliency and cost must all be considered. This article will outline the necessary components of an algorithmic trading system architecture and how decisions regarding implementation affect the choice of language.

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And you can learn how to code a trading bot for your investment needs. The main benefit of using an automated system is efficiency; bots can make much faster decisions using much more available data.

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MetaQuotes Language 5 MQL5 is a specialized high-level object-oriented programming language that allows creating trading robots and technical indicators. However, due to its narrow specialization, MQL5 thrives in financial market programming challenges. MQL5 offers numerous functions for quote analysis, as well as built-in technical indicatorsfunctions and tools that can help you control trading positions.

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All these instruments significantly enhance traders' abilities when trading Forex. MQL4 is also a high-level object-oriented programming language. The operation speed and flexibility of the language allow you to develop very complex programs with large amount of calculations and accurately manage almost all Expert Advisor and indicator parameters. MQL4 contains a large number of functions which are necessary for analyzing current and previously received quotes, and has built-in basic indicators and functions for managing trading orders and controlling them.

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