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Substituting these approximations into the PDE gives, which reduces to Equation 1: Implicit Finite Difference Equations where Equation 2: Implicit Finite Difference Parameters Since the equations are solved working backwards in time, superficially Equation 1 says that three unknowns must be calculated from only one known value. This is shown pictorially in the following diagram, Figure 1: Implicit Finite Difference Viewed as a Pseudo-Trinomial Tree However, when all the equations at a given time point are written simulataneously there are M-1 equations in M-1 unknowns.

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Metrics details Abstract Participating life insurance contracts typically contain various types of implicit options. These implicit options can be very valuable and can thus represent a significant risk to insurance companies if they practice insufficient risk management.

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Retail Investor. Not all options can be used to this purpose. The opportunities are usually found after prices have risen some distance, when there are contracts outstanding at much lower strike prices - where the intrinsic value of the call is very large and the risk premium is very small. This model for using options assumes you are NOT buying the option as a 'bet': that you want the exact same risk exposure as owning the stock.

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Embedded options in banking balance sheets raise a number of issues. This chapter assesses the benefit for the borrower, calculated as the payoff of the option under various interest rate levels. For a long-term fixed rate loan, the option payoff is the time profile of the differential savings annuities after and before exercising the renegotiation option.

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Valuing an option requires simulating all future outcomes for interest rates, at various periods, for determining when the option is in-the-money and what are the gains under exercise. The option value discounts the expected future gains, using the simulated rates as discount rates. The purpose of the next sections is to illustrate how to use the simple binomial model1 of interest rates for valuing prepayment options.

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